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Find A Car From Japan Service

For full details of the procedure for securing a vehicle using our unique Find-A-Car service, make a inquiry using the form below, or call us on 0800 227748


The final price (total sum) through our system is calculated based on the following positions. Please note that costs in Japan are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. The information below will give a good idea of what you can expect to PAY and SAVE. All actual costs will be quoted just prior to purchase.
1. Vehicle Price: E.g. $9,764 NZD
F.O.B. All costs to Free On Board ship at port in Japan. The final price paid is subject to exchange rate on the day and the actual price paid at the auction. (See example below).


80,255 kms
Petrol Auto
Total Cost:
E.g. $9,764 NZD
2. O.F.S. (Ocean Freight & Services) E.g. $1,650 NZD
  • MAF & LTSA Fees (Japan)
  • Odometer Inspection (Japan)
  • Ocean Freight (Japan)
  • Maritime Insurance (Japan)
  • Customs Clearance (NZ)
  • Port Service Charge - PSC (NZ)
  • Transport to Compliance Center (NZ)
Total Cost:
E.g. $1,650 NZD
3. New Zealand Costs E.g. $4,012 NZD
Broken down as Fixed Costs:
  • GST: $1,712 (calculated on FOB Cost and OFS Costs)
  • Compliance:
    (Japanese Cars)
    (European Cars)
  • Classic Cars:Specialty Cars and High Performance Cars - $400 Compliance Management Fee + Compliance Costs at whatever they finally cost.
  • Registration $300 incl GST (for engine capacity below 2.5ltr) or $350 (for engine capacity over 2.5ltr)
    JCC Cars Fee $950 Incl. GST
Total Cost:
E.g. $4,012 NZD

Total Fixed Costs: E.g. $15,426

Final Cost of this example, on the road in NZ, would be: $15,426, drive away, excluding any variable additional services required, as detailed below

Variable Costs: (Unknown & Personal Choice)

  • Full Valet @ $150
  • Panel and paint repairs required, if any. (This can be finally decided once the vehicle arrives. Quoted at industry wholesale rates).
  • Any required mechanical repairs, apart from those associated with compliance, will be quoted at industry wholesale rates.
  • Mechanical Breakdown Insurance quoted at wholesale rates.
  • Full or Basic Engine Service, quoted at wholesale rates.

Our Guarantee: Should your vehicle arrive and have additional costs associated with compliance, above those quoted here, you will not be asked to pay an extra cent. Also, should the car have been found, during the NZ compliance process, to have been in a prior structural accident in Japan, you would have the choice of a full refund of deposit paid, or to proceed with any upgrade repairs as required by Land Transport Inspectors, to NZ WOF standards, at our cost.

JCC Cars specialise in supplying the best cars at the best price with the best service. Our service is second to none.

We find vehicles ex Japan for private buyers and company buyers. We listen to your buying criteria. We make it happen efficiently and professionally.

We find cars for buyers from all over New Zealand and deliver them fully complied and ready to drive away. Our services are nationwide services.

Why use our service?
Safety! With our system you are dealing with the same company, from buying in Japan, right through to compliance and registration in New Zealand. We provide certain guarantees.
Save money! If you know what you want to drive, let us find it for you in Japan. Why pay retail when the risks of purchase are practically the same, but you could save thousands!
Easy Payment! Just pay a buying deposit and the balance once the car arrives and is issued with its Warrant of Fitness in New Zealand.
NO surprises! You get a full condition report, with pictures, done on your vehicle prior to shipping. You know its condition prior to arrival!

For full details of the procedure for securing a vehicle using our unique Find-A-Car service, make a inquiry using the form below, or call us on 0800 227748.


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